Woman Gets Rashes From Being Sucked Into Topeka Hotel Hot Tub

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)_ "It sucked me right in!"

That's what a Stockton, Kansas woman told 13 News she received back rashes and bruises after sitting in a Topeka hotel hot tub. She called 13 News to tell her story.

Forty-one year-old Misty Higdon of Stockton, Kansas told 13 News last Friday she and her family were staying at the Days Inn hotel on Wanamaker Road when she sat in the hotel's hot tub and the unthinkable happened.

"I got into the hot tub and as soon as I sat down I was sucked into the drain! I could not get myself out! I had to call my son to help me out because it sucked me in so hard!" says Higdon.

Higdon says she got out of the hot tub safely, but it left a mark.

"I had a huge red mark on my back and a big bruise where it sucked me in," says Higdon.

Higdon says she complained to hotel management and hotel staff members placed a yellow cone next to the hot tub.

"And that's all they did. It just kinda angered me that they didn't immediately go do something," says Misty.

13 News called the Days Inn hotel. Ed Patel, the General Manager, said "Misty's story is misleading. The hot tub is up to code. No one should sit in front of skimmer inside the hot tub. We may put a caution sign to not sit in front of skimmer."

Higdon emailed a complaint to Days Inn corporate. They wrote in an email, "We sincerely apologize that your expectations of Days Inn high standards of guest service were not met. You can count on our team to help resolve your concerns."

"And got a response that basically they are franchises and there's basically nothing they can do," said Higdon.

Meanwhile, Misty also told 13 News another hotel guest said his son suffered the same injury in the hot tub the same weekend.

Higdon has also filed a complaint with the Kansas Department of Agriculture which has oversight of hotel inspections.

An inspection conducted by the agency on Thursday found 11 violations, ten of them linked to the hot tub or the area around it. According to the report, the hotel has voluntarily agreed to shut down the hot tub until it gets everything fixed and re-inspected.

Patel said he offered to pay any medical expenses, but Misty refused. Misty told 13 News Patel never offered to pay for medical expenses, he asked if she has a doctor and she said no.

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