Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant In Shutdown Mode

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- The Wolf Creek generating station remains in shutdown mode after losing power to its safety systems Friday.

Wolf Creek spokesperson Jenny Hageman told 13 News Monday, that the loss of power happened Friday afternoon and diesel generators immediately started up to furnish power to safety systems designed to keep the nuclear core cool.

Hageman says a breaker failure caused the initial problem and Wolf Creek has a team investigating what caused the breaker to fail. That team will look at all facets of the plant's electrical system.

Hageman says Wolf Creek filed what is called an unusual event emergency report to the nuclear regulatory commission within 15 minutes of the problem, as required by law.

Hageman said Monday the plant has its safety systems operating on power it has brought back into the plant from the electrical grid.

Wolf Creek reports the plant remains safe, although it will be offline until the event investigation has been completed. Hagemen said Monday they may be as soon as a week but could take longer.