Winter Snow Storms Add Up For City Of Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Costs for Topeka's two February snow storms are adding up.

In a report released Friday, the city announced they spent nearly $275,000 on the storms.

Crews worked more than 3,000 regular hours and 899 overtime hours resulting in additional costs of $39,859.13.

The city spent $72,827.50 on contractor and labor expenses for the February 21 storm. They spent nothing for the second storm, which hit on February 26.

Material costs for both storms totaled $133,652.08.

During the first storm, city employees were initially asked to come to work or use vacation days if they couldn't make it in, resulting in $28,172.397 of pay to non-emergency staff.

City Manager Jim Colson has since canceled that requirement.

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