Wichita Woman Performed CPR On Man Who Died At Arrowhead Stadium

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Wichita, Kan. -- While Jessica Gish was cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday, she got a call from the friend she rode with. He found someone sitting in their unlocked Jeep, so she went back to the parking lot to see if anything of hers was missing.

“Saw a group of people and I heard someone yell for help for CPR, 'does anyone know how to do this?' and I said I did and pushed through them and realized how serious it was,” Jessica Gish said.

Gish says she saw a man lying on the ground, while a woman performed CPR on him.

"Blood everywhere, obvious signs that he got beat up,” Gish said.

Gish, a medical assistant and former EMS worker, says she took over and tried to keep the man alive.

"He was dying, there's no other way to explain it. He was dying and that was it and he wasn't moving and he lost his pulse and we weren't able to get it back,” Gish said.

She says the paramedics showed up about 10 minutes later. Police say 30 year old Kyle Van Winkle died at the hospital.

"Shaken up, something that shouldn't have happened. It's a tragic thing that shouldn't have happened anywhere,” Gish said.

Gish says she hopes this serves as an example for anyone who finds themselves on the verge of a fight at a Chiefs game or anywhere else to just walk away and find help.

"Well if you're at a sporting event there is security there for a reason. Don't take it into your own hands, go get them and let them do their job,” Gish said.

Police have ruled Kyle Van Winkle's death a homicide. They took three people into custody, but they have all since been released.

Jessica Gish did want to make it clear the Jeep that she rode to the game in, the one Kyle Van Winkle was found sitting in, was unlocked. It wasn't broke into. She says she does believe it was all a big misunderstanding.