Wichita Studies Water Options

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ Wichita officials studying long-term water supply options are considering expanding the city's aquifer recharge project.

Wichita, which gets its water from Cheney Reservoir and wells in the Equus Beds aquifer, needs an additional source to provide water during severe drought.

The Wichita Eagle reports City Manager Robert Layton tentatively advanced options during a City Council workshop Tuesday. The options include buying treated water from El Dorado Reservoir and expanding the aquifer recharge and storage recovery project. The aquifer project involves taking river water and storing it in the aquifer for later use.

Another plan would have Wichita paying El Dorado $234 million for start-up capital costs to cover a treatment plant and a pipeline. Wichita would receive treated water for free from El Dorado for a specified time.

Posted by Greg Palmer