Wichita Son Of Ebola Patient: Mother's Improving Condition

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)-- After weeks of treatment the two Americans who contracted Ebola in Liberia have been released from Emory University Hospital.

Nancy Writebol was released Tuesday while Dr. Kent Brantly was released Thursday. Doctors say that both are no longer contagious and are not a risk to others.

Nancy Writebol spent three week at the Emory University Hospital in isolation getting treatment for the deadly Ebola virus she contracted while helping out other Ebola victims in Liberia. Brian Writebol says his mother is improving but still very weak from the virus. He said, "this kind of thing will really take a toll out on somebody and their body and so she's just really trying to get that strength back before she came down with the virus.

Brian recalls some emotional moments in the hospital like when Nancy and her husband reunited at the hospital, though separated by a window. He said, "she was actually able to get out of the bed and come to the window and they put their hands on the glass together. Kind of one of those serene moments. He just kept telling her you're so beautiful and I love you so much."

But the most touching moment was Tuesday, when the family was finally able to communicate without barriers. He said, "yes, she was still in the hospital but they were able to move her out of the isolation room and we were able to speak with her not through a cell phone with a pane of glass between of us."

Nancy was released Tuesday and is now recovering in an undisclosed location. While physically weak, Brian says his mother is even stronger in faith. "She really leaned on the strength that she gets from Jesus Christ and having faith in him and knowing that he is able to heal."

When asked if Nancy and her husband will continue mission work Brian tells us, "if mom and dad decide to return to missions work, in whatever capacity, we will wholeheartedly support that."