Wichita Sex Trafficking Arrest Leads To Riley County Runaway

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WICHITA, Kan. (WIBW/KAKE) - A 25-year-old registered sex offender is behind bars accused of sex trafficking.

Wichita Police found him Wednesday, saying he'd been staying in a hotel with a teenaged girl who they say ran away from Riley County in late September.

Motel owner Paul Batka says the suspect, Chivas Taylor, had been staying there for at least four weeks, but he didn't know there was a 16-year-old runaway here with him.

Police got a tip the girl was at the hotel. When they found her, they say they discovered Taylor was prostituting her out for sex.

Lt. Jeff Weible of Wichita PD's Exploited and Missing Children Unit, said the girl reported getting in a disturbance with Taylor earlier in the day. Weible says she told police she had been working for Taylor in posting ads selling sexual relations.

Weible says Taylor lured the teen through social media, which is how most sex traffickers work.

Police stopped Taylor near Wichita's Harry Street Elementary School. They arrested him for sex trafficking and possession of drugs with the intent to sell.

The girl was treated at a Wichita hospital, then taken home to her family. Taylor is awaiting formal charges.