Wichita Massage Therapy Owner Reports Bizarre Scam

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)- Janna Akins runs "Body and Soul" massage spa here in Wichita. She was stunned when she received an email and phone call from someone, wanting to bring seven people from a church to her business, to have massages.

But the caller said he actually expected Janna to pay upfront to have the clients driven to her. And pay dearly.

"And I said, you want me to send you 1030 dollars and you're going to pay me 430 back?" Akins says. "'Yes, that's what you have to do.' And I said, you know what, people in hell want ice water, and I hung up."

Despite Janna's harsh words, the scammers wouldn't quit, again contacting her and demanding she give her credit card number, so the driver transporting the spa clients would be paid.

"It was so ridiculous," says Akins. "It made me so angry. Because I thought, you know, there are people out there, starting therapists, thinking, 'oh my gosh, seven people at one time! Money!' I hear it on the news every night. People fall for these things."

And they have.

KAKE News discovered online reports of similar scams targeting spa's across the country, as recently as January.

Janna Akins says, just use common sense.

"Trust your instinct, trust your gut," she says. "Just have to use a little savvy. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is!"

Akins says she's spoken to other massage spa owners in Wichita, but none report being contacted by the same scammers.

Posted by Greg Palmer