Building Communities; Reducing Crime For National Night Out

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Empowering communities to take a stance against crime is the goal of a nationwide weekend event.

"If you know someone, it's less likely that something will happen to them because you will take care of them. If we know each other, then we will take care of eachother. Law enforcement in the community, is the community," said Shawnee County Sheriff Herman Jones.

WIBW 580 Radio and 94.5 Country along with Safe Streets hosted an outdoor event to kick off the festivities.

Sixty-three Topeka communities are taking part in Saturday's National Night Out. Berryton, Woodvalley and Historic Old Town, among others are expecting over 400 people in attendance. Samuel Jackson Park will have an outdoor movie event Saturday evening.

"The police can't be everywhere and when you have citizens engaged and they know what's going on, then it just really helps," said Interim Police Chief Tony Kirk.

The event encourages people to get out and interact with their neighbors and residents within the community while taking a stand against crime.

Local law enforcement says while the event provides family friendly fun for everyone involved, it also serves as a crime deterrent.