Website Ranks Hutchinson 11th 'Most Dangerous Suburb'

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HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KAKE)-- Hutchinson is one of the country's most dangerous suburbs, according to a study posted on the website of a national real estate research blog.

Credit: Hutch Post released their study of 'America's 10 Most Dangerous Suburbs.' Hutchinson didn't quite crack the top 10 but was close, coming in at number 11.

The study's findings come as a big surprise to people living in Hutchinson like Vietnam veteran Deano Garnett.

"It's a fun place to live, that's why I came home (after the war)," Garnett said.

He recognizes crime does happen in town but he can't believe Hutchinson is one of the nation's most dangerous suburbs.

"This is ridiculous," Garnett said. "I walk across town every day."

There's also skepticism from Jason Ball, President and CEO of the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce.

"These results just don't comport with what the business community and the other residents are telling us," Ball said. "Anytime you see any of these studies, you have to take a look at the methodology -- how they do what they do."

Movoto's Patrick Brown says researchers analyzed crime data for more than 100 of the largest suburbs of the 50 largest cities for which crime data is available. That data comes from the FBI’s uniform crime report for 2012, and comprises four categories of crime: Murders, Violent Crimes, Property Crimes, and Total Crimes. To even the playing field, the researchers say they determined how many of each crime were committed annually for every 100,000 people. In their formula, they gave added weight to the first three categories of crimes.

Brown says, in essence, they were searching to quantify the risk of a crime happening to someone living in a given suburb.

"I think I would first have to disagree with calling Hutchinson a suburb," Ball said.

Ball says Hutchinson is it's own smaller metro area. He says because of Hutch's smaller population compared with most of the cities on the list, it's likely it received the short end of the stick in this particular study's mathematical formula.

Hutchinson Police were not available to comment on the study or the numbers before news time.

Ball and others says after reviewing the study, they don't think it captures reality, at least not in terms of Hutchinson.

"I think Hutchinson is a fabulous place to live and work and I know our business community and our residents do too," Ball said.

Garnett says Ball has that right.

"This is my home base," Garnett said. "I won't live anywhere else."

Tell us what you think. Do you agree with the study - or that it calls Hutchinson a suburb?

Newton came in at 29 on the list.

Below is a gallery of the top 10 and the full list is under that. Click here to see the full study.

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