Washburn Student Digs Deep For Meaning Of An Ichabod

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Over the years it's been easy for schools to poke fun at Washburn's namesake and chant, "What is an Ichabod?"

One Washburn student took the question to heart and it has given many at the school a new found pride.

23 year old Vocal and Cello Performance Major, Phillip "Brail" Watson is using music to dig deep into Washburn's history, to answer a question, many even in Topeka still don't know. What is an Ichabod?

"This institution was established for people like me. Not just people of my color, but people who didn't feel included and to find out that this was a place created for those people from the very beginning, that gave me a lot of pride in my school and I wanted to share that with everybody," said Watson.

Seeing Watson's passion for the school, the Washburn Foundation lent financial support. Director of Communications, Kathy Busch, of the Foundation said, " We are very proud of him. He is a talented music student, he is involved, and is the of epitome of a Washburn grad.

Phillip hopes the song will resonate with past, present and future student, in the same way that it provided him the truth behind what it means to be an Ichabod.

Watson said, "When I graduate I'll be an Alumnus of Washburn University and it won't just be where I got my degree. I'll be an Alumnus of one of the first desegregated schools in this country and that's a big deal."