Washburn Rural Investigating Threat | Says Little Substance To It

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- School officials at Washburn Rural High School said their administration and security staff have been working with local law enforcement to investigate a possible threat to the school.

In a statement issued late Monday night, Auburn-Washburn Director of Communications Martin Weishar said the there doesn't appear to be much substance to the threat.

Word of the possible threat came from information a parent posted on Facebook. Since officials said they expected rumors about the threat would spread quickly on the social network, WRHS prinicpal Ed Raines sent the following message to his staff.

Hi Folks,
In an effort to address any misinformation that may be circulating in the community, I wanted to brief you on a situation that we have been addressing this evening.

Earlier today, I received notification from a staff member that one of our parents had posted something on Facebook indicating that an unidentified student had asked her child to bring a weapon to school tomorrow. With only that information and the name of the parent, we launched an immediate investigation. At present, our Security staff is cooperating with Law Enforcement. They are in the process of conducting interviews in the homes of the individuals involved. We are confident that all parties have been identified. At this point, we have no reason to believe that the threat was even credible and will continue to work throughout the evening to ensure a smooth start to our day tomorrow.

Given the recent threats against school staff in the Shawnee County area, as well as several other events throughout the nation as of late, a degree of anxiety and apprehension is to be expected. Please know, however, that we take the safety and well being of our school community quite seriously and will continue to be vigilant in our efforts to secure the same.

Our effectiveness in doing so is enhanced if we all work to that end. As always, please let us know immediately of any threat made against our school of which you may be aware.

Have a good evening and I'll see all of you tomorrow.

Ed Raines, Principal