Washburn Athlete Reflects On His Hometown: Ferguson, Missouri

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Topeka, Kan. (WIBW) -- One Washburn Ichabod football player is paying very close attention to the events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Redshirt-Freshman Ryan Rockow is from the town. Rockow has been at Washburn for two years playing football for the Ichabods, but he couldn't believe everything going on over 300 miles from Yager Stadium.

Imagine being back at college, at football practice, and turning on the television to see what was happening in Ferguson.

Well, that happened to Rockow who's played for Washburn university for two season now.

Rockow said, "It's crazy you would never think about that from your home town. But I grew up there. So it's just like crazy to hear that. To call home and hear about the stuff. It's really surprising, it's just shocking most of all."

Rockow said this wasn't anything like the Ferguson he knows.

"It's gotten a bad name throughout all of this but still its a great place. Grew up there my whole life. Just kind of taught you who you are to be. It's your hometown. I love Ferguson."

The Ichabod is in Topeka to focus on being a student athlete, but he admits that the shooting, riots, and protests have been a distraction.

Rockow said, "Yeah definitely a distraction. Like at night when you're supposed to be probably sleeping you're watching the news checking in. So your down time its kind of distracting. Got to keep going though to practice, do your homework and just stay focused."

Rockow has not been able to go back home to Ferguson so far, but he follows it closely. He's focusing in on the Lindenwood game one week from Thursday.