WIBW-TV Assault Suspect Convicted For Run-In At AG's Office

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Court records reveal details about the incident that led to an assault conviction against the man who allegedly broke into WIBW-TV and assaulted four employees last Wednesday.

Surveillance video shows Ray Miles breaking through the front entrance and fighting with several WIBW-TV employees last week. Two people were stabbed and two others assaulted. A total of eight people held him down until police arrived.

Miles had felony convictions in 2007 and 2010. He appealed the 2010 conviction for assault on a law enforcement officer.

A Kansas Court of Appeals document indicates the 2010 incident involved Miles entering the Kansas Attorney General’s office on August 30, 2010. He was escorted out by a Capitol Police officer after he had allegedly screamed at several employees because he wanted a video tape of a 2007 incident in which he was involved. The court document indicates Miles was escorted from the building and instructed he would be arrested if he returned to the AG’s office.

On September 7, 2010, Miles returned to the AG’s office carrying a backback and was confronted by Capitol Police officer Richard Thompson. After a verbal exchange, the document states, Thompson asked Miles if he had a firearm and was told, "I have a gun.” Miles then reportedly pushed Thompson's hand away from his backpack and struck Thompson in the chest with his forearm, knocking the officer back.

The court document indicates that, as Miles left the building, he reportedly told the officer not to follow him, or quote, “I will (expletive) you up.” Backup officers arrived and arrested Miles. Miles was convicted of assault on a law enforcement officer and criminal trespass.

Miles filed a handwritten appeal in December 2011, saying a key witness in his case lied. The Appeals Court denied Miles appeal, saying there was sufficient evidence he had assaulted a law enforcement officer, whose duty was to ensure the safety of people inside the building.

Miles also is filing a multi-million dollar suit against troopers and Capitol Police for a November incident at the Kansas Judicial Center.

In the WIBW-TV assault case, Miles is due in court Thursday, facing multiple assault, criminal threat, criminal damage charges.

All of those injured in the WIBW-TV incident are recovering from their injuries.