WATCH: Wild Giant Pandas Wrestle For Fun

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SICHUAN, China (WIBW) -- Two wild giant pandas scuffling with each other have been captured on video in a nature reserve in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

The wrestling match between the two pandas was recorded by an infrared camera set up in the Xiaohegou Nature Reserve in Pingwu County.

The 17-second video footage shows one giant panda holding down a second giant panda, which struggles to free itself.

Xiaohegou Nature Reserve has installed infrared cameras several times to observe wild animals.

After collecting and sorting the latest videos in March, staff members found eight cameras had recorded images of wild giant pandas.

"One camera broken by a giant panda took footage of two giant pandas playing. It's the first time (such images have been captured) since the nature reserve was established," said Song Zheng, a staff member at the reserve.

Footage of giant pandas in the Wild was also recorded during January and February. Staff members could not yet confirm whether all the footage involves the same individuals.

Besides giant pandas, the cameras also captured images of creatures belonging to other endangered species, including a golden snub-nosed monkey and takins.

Posted by: Nick Viviani