WATCH: Road Rage Truck Driver Crash Goes Viral

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(CNN) -- A Florida driver is calling this an example of karma caught on camera. It began when a man started tailgating her and she took out her camera to record it.

"He just started tailgating me and I'm looking in my mirrors and I'm, like, dude, what is going on?" explained the driver, who did not want to be identified.

Behind her, in a big black pickup, is Jeffery White. The 33 year-old did not want to talk about the incident, but he does know how to express his feelings.

"I didn't even realize he shot the bird at me until after the video because I was focused on the road," she explained.

Nearly 5 million people have now watched her video after she posted it on YouTube the username Florida Driver. The two-minute video was titled "Red Neck Road Rage/Instant Karma."

She insists she never put herself or any other drivers in danger.

"I pulled out the phone... driving with one hand, focusing on the road, focusing on my mirrors, and I just kinda held up the the phone."

She said she was going the speed limit on U.S. 41 in Hillsborough Co., Fla., and other cars were preventing her from moving over so the truck could get by.

Some viewers are questioning why she speeds up when White first tries to pass her.

"I sped up because the speed limit went up," she contends.

It's after his second attempt to cut her off that White crashed, taking out a light pole.

Posted by: Nick Viviani