Video Gamers Unite For First Time Event

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-Video gamers excitedly played for a first time gaming event at Gamers HQ in Topeka.

Brail Watson has loved video games since a young age.

"When I was kid, I loved video games, but I really didn't have anyone to play with," he says.

So, he created the first fighting video gaming event in Topeka called Megacake Meltdown. He, and the co-creator came up with the name.

" It's where people can come together and you find new people that have never gotten to play before from different areas. Everybody kinda gets to gel together," says Brail.

"Tons of fun, probably the most fun you are going to have playing games in Topeka, Kansas," says video gamer Sean McCarter.

"It's just a big social event and it doesn't happen very often in the Topeka area," says Corben Burke, video gamer and Topeka West High School junior.

Video gamers say they love the competition, but what they love most is that this event gives them a sense of community.

"I mean for a long time in Topeka, there wasn't a solid fighting game community, because arcades went out of the way, and so now we've got this first time event we're playing, and we had place to gather and play these games," says McCarter.

"And it gives people a sense of belonging, somewhere they can be," says Brail.

Win or lose, video gamers say its fun way to feel connected with others in the community and Brail says its about time.

"It's important for us, Topeka, as a city to have our own thing," says Brail.

The Megacake Meltdown is a 2 day event. It started Saturday and went from 5 till midnight and started again Sunday at 2 pm. Tickets were 5 dollars for a day pass and 7 dollars for a weekend pass.