Victim Dies Following Wichita Accident Involving Stolen Truck

25-year-old Shawn Palmer
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WICHITA, Kan.-- A suspect, Edward Ladish, was taken into custody after two men were hurt trying to recover a stolen truck.

It happened shortly before 8 a.m. Saturday on W. MacArthur at Meridian.

Sgt. Brian Sigman says two brothers went to QuikTrip to recover their stolen truck on their own. When they confronted the suspect they started to argue and the suspect then jumped into the truck and started to drive away.

The two men then jumped onto the moving vehicle. One of brothers fell off in the QuikTrip parking lot and the other was thrown off onto Meridian. He was then ran over by the suspect in the stolen truck and sustained critical injuries.

Family members of the two brothers tell KAKE News that 25-year-old Shawn Palmer has died as a result of his injuries.

Police located the stolen truck abandoned in a field in the 4400 block of S. Meridian. However, this case has ended in tragedy.

Sgt. Sigman said, "Yesterday's deal could have been totally avoided if they just called, because like I said, we would have had officers out there in like a minute and we would have had a totally different outcome."

Palmer's family tells KAKE News that the truck was important to Shawn because it was how he earned his livelihood.

Ladish being held on a $200,000 dollar bond. He faces two counts of aggravated battery among other charges, but those charges are likely to be amended in light of Palmer's death.

He has a criminal history and had just been released from parole on June 19.

Posted by Greg Palmer