Veteran Says VA Used ''Torture Cuffs'' On Him

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Wichita, Kan. --

Paul Montague says he's usually treated very well at the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita.

But he says his treatment on a visit there in May reminded him of his days as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

The 79 year old retired Marine says he went to the VA to get a prescription refilled. He says questions arose about whether his doctor had renewed his prescription.

Montague says, "I'll be honest. I got a little loud."

He says he went looking for his doctor in the hospital and then, he says, he attempted to take his complaint up with the hospital's administrator.

But while walking down a hospital corridor, he says, "All of a sudden an arm reached out and grabbed me and threw me into the wall."

Montague says he didn't resist.

"He bounced me off the wall and the next thing I knew he forced me down and two other guys jumped in."

The next step is what really surprised him. He says, "Then they put on the torture cuffs on me. Torture cuffs aren't smooth to your wrist. They've got little things in them."

Montague's career spans both the Korean and Vietnam wars. In the second of his two deployments to Vietnam the helicopter he flew was shot down and he was taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese. He spent five years as a POW, three of them, he says, in solitary confinement. He says he got very acquainted with the various cuffs used to confine prisoners.

"I've been in stocks. I've been in finger cuffs. I've been in handcuffs. I've been in irons. I don't know what the VA has torture cuffs for."

Montague says he was cited for disturbing the peace and for resisting arrest. On the later charge, he says, he didn't know he was being arrested.

The retired marine says security's response was excessive saying, "I was mugged."

KAKE news has not heard back from the VA for comment on this story.