Mistrial Declared On 9 Counts In Anceo Stovall Murder Trial

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A mistrial was declared in the murder case against Anceo Stovall, accused in the shooting death of Natalie Gibson.

Jurors could not reach an agreement on six counts related to the incident on July 2011 during which Gibson and her partner Lori Allison were shot outside their home on SW Quinton Avenue.

Allison survived and was in the courtroom as the decision was read at about 9:50 a.m. Tuesday morning.

"Verdict not indicated," the court's bailiff read on a total of nine counts.

Stovall faced 11 in this trial.

Jurors found Stovall not guilty of a burglary to a vehicle, in a seperate crime committed on Plass Avenue on June 25, 2011.

They found him guilty on one charge, the aggravated robbery of co-defendant Bayate Covington on Aug. 2, 2011.

Family and friends of Natalie Gibson and Lori Allison appeared surprised, pained and some cried quietly as they realized the jury was hung on the most serious charges.

Judge Evelyn Wilson polled each juror individually on the decision and whether they agreed. One juror took a long pause before saying he did.

Wilson set a hearing for August 9 to determine the next steps. The District Attorney's office says it will retry the nine charges jurors did not render a verdict on.

Reaction to the verdict from the District Attorney's Office:
Chad Taylor, Shawnee County District Attorney, expresses his appreciation to the jury for their service in this matter. The District Attorney's Office remains committed to the pursuit of justice in these cases.

Reaction to the verdict from Jonathan Phelps, Defense Attorney:
"Anceo Stovall and I are profoundly impressed and grateful for the hard work of the jury and the judge in his case. We thank them for their patience and dedication to doing their sworn duty. Anceo Stovall is presumed to be innocent of the charges against him. He in fact is not guilty of the crimes for which he is charged and for which no verdict was reached, and we look forward to the time when twelve more equally sincere persons will be enabled to hear the evidence and acquit him."

Charges and verdicts:
Count 1: Felony murder/attempted robbery of Natalie Gibson - NO VERDICT
Count 2: Alternative felony murder/ attempted burglary of 307 SW Quinton - NO VERDICT
Count 3: Attempted aggravated robbery of Natalie Gibson - NO VERDICT
Count 4: Aggravated robbery of Lori Allison - NO VERDICT
Count 5: Conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery of Lori Allison - NO VERDICT
Count 6: Aggravated battery of Lori Allison - NO VERDICT
Count 7: Attempted aggravated burglary at 2801 SW Plass - NO VERDICT
Count 8: Conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary at 2801 SW Plass - NO VERDICT
Count 9: Burglary to a motor vehicle - NOT GUILTY
Count 10: Cruelty to animals in the shooting death of an Akita dog - NO VERDICT
Count 11: Aggravated robbery of Bayate Covington - GUILTY