Valley Center High Space Experiment Awaits Launch

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VALLEY CENTER, Kan. - If all goes well, a project connecting a Sedgwick County high school with the International Space Station will launch today. But something massive from the sun could get in the way.

The "Student Spaceflight Experiments Program" at Valley Center High School has had a relationship with NASA for several years. The school has an experiment waiting for launch, when a cargo flight from a NASA launch pad in Virginia travels to the International Space Station.

But the launch has been delayed a couple of times. First the space station developed cooling problems. Then Wednesday, the launch was called off by a solar flare which sent massive radiation toward earth.

That mass was supposed to pass overnight Wednesday, to allow for a noon-hour launch. But the final decision will come from NASA.

That mass of radiation could affect more than the high school experiment. ABC News reports it can interrupt GPS systems, and could even delay some morning airline flights.