USD 501 Leaders Hear Progress On Kanza Education And Science Park

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Topeka school leaders are "buzzing" over the progress on the Kanza Education and Science Park.

Representatives from Westar Energy briefed USD 501 board members Thursday night on the education station, and the plans they have for the facility.

Brad Loveles, Director of Biology and Conservation Programs at Westar Energy, says the EPA has signed another agreement to bring solar energy to the grounds.

Loveless says being a part of something like this is very rewarding.

"Westar's been fortunate because it's been part of our history to partner with our community and especially the educational facilities like 501, so there's tremendous potential there," said Loveless. "These are all our kids, we all share them and we want them to do the very best they can and so we feel like it's the logical thing for us to do."

Officials also discussed a Stormont Vail surgical center that will be built on the grounds, and an updated Valeo Behavioral Health Center.