USD 345 Adjusts Schedule To Make Up For Snow Days

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From USD #345

USD #345 Seaman is making changes to its snow makeup day calendar due to the recent severe weather and previous snowfall in December. This school year, the district has cancelled four days of school. Due to the alterations the final day of school for all students will be Friday, May 24.

The first two makeup days will be Friday, March 29th and Monday, April 1st, surrounding Easter. These were scheduled on the original calendar and will not change. School will occur on both days.

The second two days were previously scheduled for Tuesday, May 28th and Wednesday, May 29th, which both follow the long Memorial Day weekend. Upon reflection, district officials feel these days will cause problems for many families with planned summer vacation trips. The district also believes to bring students back for just two days after a long weekend would be academically problematic.

As a result, the makeup time is being shifted to the previous week. Thursday, May 23 will be a full day for all students. Friday, May 24 will be a half day for all students, with grades 7-12 being released at 11:06 (SMS) and 11:11 (SHS), and elementary at 12:15.

On the original calendar, Thursday, May 23 was half day for students in grades 7-12, and a vacation day for grades K-6. Similarly, Friday, May 24 was a half day for students in grades K-6 and the first day of summer vacation for grades 7-12.

In terms of hours in the classroom, students will lose one day under these revisions, but the regular USD #345 calendar is longer than required under state law, and will remain so even with these changes.

Future calendars will have all snow days scheduled before Memorial Day.