Two New Breeds Will Added To Westminster Kennel Club Show

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NEW YORK (AP) A hardy Hungarian hunting dog and a pet known as the ``royal dog of Madagascar'' will join the pack at the Westminster Kennel Club show next year.

The kennel club announced Friday that the wire-haired visla (VEEZ'-shlah) and the coton de tulear (koh-TOHN' du TOO'-lay-ahr) will be eligible to compete for the first time in the New York show next February.

The wire-haired visla is a medium-size breed developed to hunt in northern Hungary's cold winters and rough terrain.

The coton de tulear is a small, cheerful companion dog with a long, white, cotton-like coat.

Posted By Justin Surrency

Breeds are added to the prestigious dog show after they are recognized by the American Kennel Club.