Two Former Washburn Students Representing the 'Bods In Super Bowl XLVII

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Super Bowl XLVII is going to mean a lot more to Topekans in 2013, and specifically Washburn University students.

The Ichabods are represented in the big game, by two former Washburn football players who did well in the program.

The students have nothing to show but school pride. Even students who aren't big football fanatics can't wait to see the game.

While cheers from Washburn fans were for the basketball when the 'Bods took on Missouri Southern, students can't help but show their excitement for their football stars.

Christian Sauerman is a freshman and was decked out in all blue and white. "It's pretty awesome, I'm proud of Washburn!"

For the first time, not one, but two, Ichabods are playing in the Super Bowl - Cary Williams of the Baltimore Ravens and Michael Wilhoitle of the San Francisco 49ers.

Washburn President Jerry Farley said this is great for the school. "It's going to be so much fun to see them play in the super bowl. I'm sorry, the WUper Bowl."

Patrick Towle thinks this game will show perfectly just what Washburn's got. "Coming from a D-2 school and knowing the talent we have at D-2 schools and being able to show it on the grand stadium of the Super Bowl, it's unbelievably amazing."

The accomplishment is motivating current Washburn football players to play even harder.

Senior Lee Edwards is a safety for the Ichabods. "It makes me have more pride for my college and my school to walk around representing Washburn as a football player."

Junior fullback Stanley Travis thinks it will get Washburn's name out there for more people to recognize. "That actually gives Washburn more exposure because people don't actually know about Washburn and the talent we have. We have real talent, raw talent."

Junior tight-end Donald Sankey said head coach Craig Schurig has been talking about the game to his players in the locker room. "As a football player right now, it gives us motivation to do better."

Whether the Ravens or the 49ers take home the trophy, an Ichabod will be a champion.

"Just knowing that whoever wins, a Washburn Alum is going to win," student Bianca Martinez said. "I really love Washburn and everything about it."

And, of course, this attention can't be bad for the University.

"This is great, great, great for students who are coming to us saying, 'Can I do that?'" Farley said. "You can do it and you can get a great education."