Two Defendants Added To Natural Gas Explosion Wrongful Death Suit

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- The daughter of a Topeka woman killed in a 2012 natural gas explosion that leveled her home has added two defendants to a wrongful death lawsuit.

Erin Thurston is the daughter of 81 year-old Lucinia Tolliver.

Tolliver died when her West Topeka home exploded due to a gas leak.13 News obtained a copy of the amended lawsuit, which added Factory Direct Appliance and James Ellis, a factory direct employee, to the original suit against Kansas Gas Service and N-Line Lawn Service of Wetmore.

In the amended lawsuit, Thurston contends Ellis came to Tolliver's home to fix an electric range clock. The suit states Ellis smelled gas in Tolliver's home, acted negligently when he left without notifying Tolliver or emergency personnel of the potential danger.

Last April, the Kansas Corporation Commission fined N-Line $5,000 and ordered Kansas Gas to develop an emergency response plan to deal with incidents in the future.