Turn Your House Into Robot |Topeka Rolls In New Home Security System

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)_ Home owners can turn their house into a robot with a new home security and automation service available in Topeka.

Digital Life was first offered in Kansas City and Wichita and now AT&T has expanded it to Topeka. Families away from home a lot looking for more security or those who just want a high tech house are in for a treat.

The new ATT&T Digital Life security system is on display at an entry on this year's Parade of Homes.

"So, this is our model home," says Topeka realtor, Annette Stahl.

Annette says it works right outside the front door.

"There's a camera right here, so if you have a 9 year old like I do he can come home from school, he can punch in his individualized code and once it does that it takes a picture and it unlocks the door," she says.

If you're away, Annette showed 13 News how you can remotely control your house on the Digital Life app on a smartphone or tablet.

"If you forget to turn the lights off, you simply hit "off" on the app and the lights are going to go off. You can do this in bed or when you are in San Diego or anywhere!" says Annette, " and how many times do you go to bed and you say 'did I lock the front door?', so you can just hit one button lock the front door," says Annette.

Another feature of the system is cameras. Home owners can plug in a camera anywhere in the house and view video from an iPad of a cell phone. Home owners can also control the thermostat and alarm system.

While there may be a Big Brother feel to the system, Annette says it provides security for families.

"It makes life easier," says Annette.

The system costs anywhere from 30 to 75 dollars per month, plus installation and equipment fees.