Train Derailment Litters Grantville

GRANTVILLE, Kan. (WIBW) - A train derailment had the town of Grantville blocked late Monday night.

Authorities say an eastbound train went off the tracks around 9:45 pm Monday. Part of the train came to a stop east of the community, while the rest of the cars lay scattered along the tracks that parallel Front Street. Coal spilled from the cars. At least one rail reportedly ended up inside a home.

The east and west entrances into the town south of Highway 24 were blocked Monday. The west side rail crossing had upright cars blocking the street, but, at the east side crossing, the force of the derailment tore up the concrete, making it impassable.

Several representatives of Union Pacific were on the scene, along with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and local fire departments. There were no reports of any injuries Monday night.