Topeka's Mayoral Candidates Make Last Appearance Before Election

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Voters had one last chance to meet with Topeka's mayoral candidates before Tuesday's election.

A question and answer session was held Monday night at Highland Park High School.

About 30 people showed up to the event to ask questions of the three candidates -- Michael Ogle, Larry Wolgast and write-in Betty Dunn.

All three discussed their first order of business if they win Tuesday's race.

"I'd like to set up an online giving center for Topeka charities," said Ogle. "I think that we always struggle with cutting funding for local charities but I think if citizens could see these charities and how they benefit Topeka and have a central location to go look at them, they might be more apt to give to them."

"We want to talk to the council members and the city manager. There have been a lot of issues in the campaign," said Wolgast. "There are some of those that we want to be dealing with. I think we're continuing to look at the infrastructure, some of the long term plans to address that, bring a teamwork attitude together among the council members and we're ready to get started. There will be new council members, we'll have to get acquainted and start planning ahead."

"Safety for all neighborhoods because crime is a major problem here and I would like to talk with the chief of police and see what he needs to make the police department safer because that will make our community safer," said Dunn.

All three candidates say this year's race has been very interesting and has taught them a lot.