Topeka's Economic Future Hopefully Bright

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Topeka's leaders are always looking for way to make the city better and create competitiveness with bigger cities.

Today the Joint Economic Development Organization (JEDO) and Go Topeka held workshop this morning to discuss how the city stands compared to the greater Kansas City region, and how to make Topeka's economy even better.

Both are companies that work to foster economic growth in Topeka.

Jedo and Go Topeka join together to administer programs for development, made possible through a half-cent sales tax implemented in 2004.

Deputy Mayor Larry Wolgast is on the JEDO board and said the meeting was held to learn how to appeal to new businesses opening and how to advance the city economically.

"This is an opportunity to learn from national and regional people about economic development," Wolgast said, "what's happening in the world, the global competition, what our strengths are and how we can be a part of the whole area and attracting new industry. We are very competitive."

The meeting drew opinions from the public and members on city wide boards about how to attract new industries to the area.

Topeka and Shawnee County elected officials serve on the JEDO board.