Topekans Rush To Store, Prepare For Cold and Football Games

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- The weather forecast is predicting some potentially nasty weather to move into the area, which most likely means people will take warning and get prepared.

The HyVee parking lot on Wanamaker was packed. Employees inside were buys stocking up and refilling the empty spots on the shelves, while keeping up with the influx of customers.

Employees said Saturday was especially busy, and might have been as busy as Christmastime. They said people were purchasing more specific items such as whipped cream, pies and holiday food, whereas Saturday they were buying more of everything.

Predicted wind chills at zero degrees or below, along with a couple other factors, is what had people hurrying to the store.

"I just don't want to have to get back out tomorrow or even the next day," shopper Linda Wichman said, "I want to make sure I have enough stuff for my family."

Ambassador for HyVee Sandy Kirk said that it's not just the cold.

"We'll see people who will come in and stock up today. Not only the weather though, we also have two big games. We have the Chiefs game and K-State is playing, so people come to get their food to get them through the cold weather and to get them through the ball games."