Topekans Learn How To Raise Chickens

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Raising chickens in the city has become popular as of recent.

To inform residents about taking care of the birds, the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library hosted a "Backyard Chickens 101" program Wednesday night.

Attendees had the chance to learn about city ordinances, how to raise a flock and where to get supplies and dealing with illness.

Attendees also learned basic coop requirements for housing chickens and also how to store fresh eggs.

Basic coop requirements include the following:

Predator proof- make sure the coop cannot be accessed by dogs, cats, raccoons and hawks.

Secure from rats and mice.

Adjustable ventilation for all the weather

Easy to clean

Roosting poles for sleeping ( 2 inches wide and 5 to 10 inches for every bird)

Nesting boxes- 1 sufficient size for every 4 chickens

Bedding- popular choices include pine shavings, straw and sand.

Space-at least 4 square feet per bird if the birds are able to roam freely during the day and at least 10 square feet per bird if they are permanently confined.