Topekans Dig Themselves Out After 13" Snow Storm

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TOPEKA, Kansas (WIBW) -- The shovels and snow blowers were put to good use Wednesday morning, as Topekans attempted to dig themselves out of 13 inches of snow.

Sarah Corpolongo said she had gotten stuck the night before and was trying to shovel the driveway so she and her boyfriend could go to work.

"I'm just shoveling away! We shoveled last night and then we got another 6 inches."

Block after block, neighborhoods stirred with early-morning activity after a couple days of hibernation.

"We haven't been out until now!" Resident Bud Bolejack said. "The neighbor across the street was out early yesterday and took some of the snow off his drive, but I stayed in."

Many residential neighborhoods were blocked-in by mounds of snow as city crews plowed main streets curb-to-curb. Until crews finish those, navigating the side-streets will be tough.

Trent Brown was case-in-point. He got his car stuck just down the street from his home in the snow rifts.

13 News saw him in his unfortunate predicament and wanted to save the day. After lots of pushing, grunting and wheels spinning, it was a lost cause.

"It's way too thick for my little Honda Civic," Brown said.

He was one of those who had stayed inside through the storm and had ventured out for the first time Wednesday morning.

Lucky for Trent, he had 13 News to justify to his boss why he called-in to work that morning.

"I think they should be closed again today, but duty calls."

That's the case for many residents who still have jobs to go to and errands to run. The process is just a little slower.

City officials say it could be another couple days before snow plows get through all the residential streets.