Topeka Developer's Death Being Investigated As A Homicide

Corey Brown
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The death of Topeka developer Corey Brown is being investigated as a homicide, according to authorities at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

39-year-old Corey Brown was found dead Thursday in the northwest part of Douglas County. He went missing on Tuesday. Douglas County authorities say preliminary reports indicate a gun may be involved with Brown's death.

"We don't know where the individual was killed, so we have to work a joint investigation," said Topeka Police Chief Ron Miller.

That means Topeka police are working with Douglas County sheriff's deputies in the investigation.

"We have run down a lot of leads so far... We have talked to a lot of people and there are still more people to talk to," said Miller.

Police are investigating to see if a burned car found Tuesday night, is related to Brown's death. The Cadillac DeVille belong to Mo Lockhart, a manager of the Mo's Express Convenience Store, located in the Hudson Crossing. Mo Lockhart has not been heard from, according to people 13 News has spoken with, who work at the Hudson Crossing.

Brown was vice-president of J&J Developments and a partner in the Hudson Crossing Shopping Center. The convenience store in the center at S.E. 15th and Adams is where two clerks were shot during a holdup attempt in November and an employee of the neighboring liquor store was killed in a Christmas Eve holdup.

Miller says police are investigating to see if the crimes are connected.

Brown is survived by three children, daughters ages 14 and 12, and a son who is nine years old.