Topeka Zoo Says Goodbye To Beloved Animal, Welcomes Another

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The Topeka Zoo is saying goodbye to one beloved leopard.

7-year-old Emma, the zoo's black leopard, will be leaving the zoo on Sunday to go to her new home at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo in Monroe, Louisiana.

Emma came to Topeka about six years ago as a confiscated pet.

Now, the zoo must make way for two new animals.

"We have a male and female Sumatran tiger who are part of a big conservation picture, who are not doing very well in the wild," said Animal Care Supervisor Shanna Simpson. "We are slated to breed our tigers, so with breeding tigers, we need more room for cubs."

The zoo is also welcoming back two golden lion tamarins to the zoo's tropical rain forest.

12-year-old Charlie and two-year-old Devra are here on breeding loans from other zoos.