Topeka Zoo Says Goodbye And Fondly Remembers Jesse The Giraffe

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) Jesse the reticulated giraffe has passed away. The 24 year old Jesse was euthanized by Zoo staff Wednesday morning.

Jesse had suffered from Laminitis, a disease that causes inflammation of the hooves that was causing increasing pain.

Zoo Director Brendan Wiley pointed out the the decision to to euthenize is not an easy one and said “In Jesse’s case, we saw no opportunity for improvement and his condition was greatly affecting his quality of life.”

Jessie fathered seven other giraffes and one grand daughter and was prior to his death North Americas oldest giraffe in captivity.

Memorial donations can be made to the zoo’s Giraffe Conservation Fund, in care of the Topeka Zoo, 635 Gage Boulevard, Topeka, Kansas 66606.

Here are some fast facts on Jesse:
Weight: 1800 pounds
Height: Over 16 feet
Favorite Food: Apples
Favorite Pastime: Searching for hidden treats in his habitat, Warm summer days and Keeping watch over his family

Posted by Greg Palmer