3 Day-Old Sumatran Tigers "Doing Great"

TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW)-- The three newest additions to the Topeka Zoo's Sumatran Tiger exhibit are doing great, according to zoo officials. On Tuesday, the trio of yet unnamed cubs went in for their very first neonate exam.

“The first two weeks are crucial,” said staff veterinarian Shelley Llizo. “We will continue to closely monitor all aspects of their health, including their weight.”

The exam went quickly, they said. The cubs' momma Jingga had breakfast two dens over while her three day-old litter were checked out, but as soon as it was over she returned to take care of her brood.

The zoo pointed to Jingga's own childhood as an example of why the first couple of weeks are so important. When she was young, the now-doting mother had a spell where she wasn't growing as fast as she should have been and her keepers needed to start giving her supplements to keep her healthy.

The staff also shaved a small patch in each of the cubs' fur so they could tell them apart. They still haven't determined their genders.

They also declared Tiger Tuesday, promising updates on the little ones on their Facebook page, until further notice.