2012 Topeka Visitors Bring In Financial Plus To Capital City

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Topeka's visitors brought an unexpected financial windfall to the capital city.

The city council's Transient Guest Tax Committee tonight elected Richard Harmon their chair, then received positive news from the 2012 fiscal year.

City Controller Pam Simecka says Topeka's 2012 transient guest tax fund is good news for the city's tourism industry.

She said, "We ended up with a surplus of 120,000 dollars, we were able to help out additional projects of Heartland Park and Visit Topeka and organizations like that.

The tax fund was generated through a 6% tax on hotel stays, which increased to 7% in April. It's then dispersed to tourism-related organizations and events attracting visitors to the city.

Although 2013 is starting out slowly, Simecka feels Topeka will have no problem rolling out the welcome mate to catch up to their proposed goals.

She said, "We are behind by about $50,000 right now but historically the 3rd and 4th quarters are always our busiest so we should still be able to reach our goal of $2.1 Million."

The committee will hear proposals from groups wanting 2014 Transient Tax Fund Grants at a public meeting Tuesday May 28th..

In a short regular meeting, Topeka City Council Members approved more than $95,000 in workers compensation claims for Topeka Police Officer James Wilson who was injured during defense training in 2011, and Sergeant Byron Endsley, injured on duty in 2008.