Topeka Team Helps Homeless Living Out In Cold

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A local organization has been out all day Monday, looking to help homeless people living outside in the cold.

Terry Hund from the Topeka Rescue Mission says annually there are about 2,200 homeless people in Topeka.

What may look like piles of old stuff to some is home for one Topeka homeless man.

J.T. (John Todd) says he has lived inside a car for the past few years and has struggled to keep warm.

"Last night, I was in there shivering, but I still had about 4 blankets but they are just little blankets," says JT.

Monday, Director Justyn Hosman and his Operation Street Reach Team from the Topeka Rescue Mission drove around Topeka checking to see if those living in the cold had frostbite. The group donated gloves and blankets to JT. They also picked up other homeless people living outside and took them to Motel 6 so they can be warm for a night. Hosman says anonymous Topekans donated money for their hotel stay.

"It actually feels really cool. It brings a lot of joy to our team and something we always say is we don't have to do this, we get to do it," says Hosman.

Grace and her husband Hugh were picked up by Operation Street Reach. They say they had been living under a bridge near the Kansas River and they look forward to having a bed, shower and warm food.

"I'm very grateful for them helping us out. It's been pretty cold out here," said Topeka homeless woman, Grace.

"We love all ya'll man! You all are the bomb no doubt we will be warm and be able to sit in some sweatpants," said Grace's husband Hugh, as he smiles.

And JT will finally be able to stay a night inside a warm hotel instead of his car.

"Just knowing JT will be in a warm room with warm water and a shower it's incredible," says Hosman.

"Thank you so much. I appreciate that," says JT as he gives Justyn Hosman a hug.

The Operation Street Reach Team says they travel around Topeka every weekday all year to help those in need.