Topeka Students Watch Play In Honor Of President's Day

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-Topeka students gathered at Brown vs. Board of Education building to watch a historical play in honor of President's Day.

Students from Topeka West and Topeka High enjoyed a play honoring Fredrick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. This is the first time for Brown vs. Board to host this play and 80 students participated in the event. The play is titled “ Necessary Sacrifices” and directed by Richard Hellesen. Students are involved in a discussion afterwards and program directors hope to teach students how far we've come as a nation.

"It’s been a very a long struggle in our country to provide freedom for everybody. Events leading up to Civil War and reconstruction after the war setting up legalizing segregation of the country. Here in Kansas, it permitted segregation to schools and elementary schools in larger cities and so there is definitely a connection in terms of people striving for equality of opportunity," said Dave Schafer, Chief of Interpretation.

The play is also at 7 Monday evening. It is open to the public and free. There will be a discussion afterwards. It is at the Brown vs. Board of Education building