Topeka Reminds Homeowners They Only Have 48 Hours To Shovel

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – With temperatures staying below freezing for so long, snow and ice isn't melting away as quickly as it usually does. But, sidewalks still need to be cleared and the City of Topeka is reminding homeowners they only have a limited amount of time to clear the path adjacent to their property.

In a statement released Thursday, city officials reminded owners of single-family homes they only have 48 hours to remove or treat snow and ice on the sidewalks by their homes.

Owners of multi-family, commercial, and non-residential locations have just one day to clear the way.

By the city's measurement, the latest snow ended Sunday morning.

If there's so much ice you can't remove it all, the city said spreading sand, ash, or some other non-corrosive material in the time allotted will work.

They are also asking property owners not to push snow and ice onto public sidewalks, alleys streets, or handicapped stalls