Topeka Recovering From Snow Storm

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Crews were out in full force Friday working to get the city back to normal. Trucks and plows were on the city streets to haul the snow away.

Thursday's storm brought around 10 inches of snow to Topeka and about 1700 phone calls to the Kansas Highway Patrol. Most had to do with slide-offs and people who were stuck.

Friday, troopers focused on helping people get back on the road.

"There are going to be a lot of people going to get their cars," said state PIO Lieutenant Joshua Kellerman. "There are a lot of vehicles that are still left off that are down in the ditch. But expect those people to get out and try to get their cars. So we try to help them as far as we can in terms of giving them some lights and giving some tow trucks a little room."

Troopers worked 121 accidents Thursday, but only 15 had injuries. Kansas National Guard soldiers, called out last night to patrol closed highways in western Kansas, checked on around 70 stranded vehicles. Emergency management officials say the response effort was a success.

"Last night was a great mission," said Colonel Howard Wheeler. "It was an opportunity to show what our citizen soldiers can do."

However, the snow left Community Blood Center in need.

"We like to be at a three-day or more supply of blood on our shelves and currently we are running under a day's supply since the storm hit," said Leann Delong, donor recruitment representative. Since the storm, we have lost over a two-day supply of blood."

With a chance of more snow monday, nurses are asking people to donate.

Hopefully the one that's coming isn't anything like the one we just went through," said Delong. "We're sure hoping that none of the mobiles will be canceled next week."

Emergency management officials are also tracking the potential storm. They say they're ready to respond if it hits Kansas.