Topeka Police Investigate Unsolved Murders

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Detectives want to close the case files on the city's latest three murders, but they say a subculture of gang violence makes it harder to find leads.

Terri Sims, 49, Jonathan Young, 28, and Guillermo Galicia, 19, were all shot and killed in the past two months.

Detectives say Terri Sims was in the wrong place at the wrong time, that she wasn't the intended victim of the slaying at 714 SW Taylor. Sims was killed by bullets fired into her home last month, and detectives haven't seen their big break.

"The challenge is that if you have witnesses and victims in a subculture, then they're not willing to talk to us," Sgt. Rich Volle says shootings often have drug crime connections, or could be connected to other shootings.

Volle's team also is still investigating the death of Jonathan Young, who was found shot in Topeka Cemetery just weeks ago, and Guillermo Galicia, who was hit during a shoot out before a car crashed into a home at 324 SE Lake.

Volle says the cases aren't cold, but they could be stunted by witnesses with gang affiliations.

"It makes it a lot more difficult to get to them. Generally, we'll have to have a case on them or something in order to convince them to talk to us," Volle said. "There's people out in the community that know exactly what happened. some of them were there at the time. It's those people we need to get to."

Topekan Corey Brown's death also remains unsolved. Douglas County authorities say they're still investigating that case.

If you can help detectives, call Crime Stoppers, (785) 234-0007.