Gaza Crisis| Topeka Pastor In Center Of It All

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Violence continues between Israel and the terror group Hamas and a Topeka Pastor was in the center of it all.

Topeka Pastor Greg Varney is back in the capital city after spending 4 days in Israel.

Sunday, he spoke to the Light of the World congregation about his experience in Israel with 49 Christian Pastors from across the United States.

"Just letting them know that there are Christians standing by their side," said Pastor Varney.

In recent weeks, Gaza militant groups have fired dozens of rockets to Israel-while Israel has responded with airstrikes on Gaza. Pastor Varney says Israel was in a ceasefire during his visit. He says he never felt in danger, instead he wept for the soldiers and their families.

"We are for the Jewish people. God is for the Jewish people," Pastor Varney says to his congregation.

Pastor Varney says he will continue to pray for Israel.

"They do not want to see that happen, they want peace," he said.