Topeka Metro Discusses Fort Collins Visit

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Topeka's public transit leaders say the Capital City can learn from other communities.

The Topeka Metro board's long-range planning committee met Thursday.

Topeka Metro General Manager Susan Duffy, board chairman Rod Miller and board member Jim Ogle were among those on a Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce visit to Fort Collins, Colorado last week.

They say they were impressed at the communication among all the stakeholders in public transit and were interested in how public transit complemented a strong bicycling culture.

Duffy says she believes it's important for communities to look outside their own borders for fresh ways of doing business. She says "we don't need to invent the wheel," but to consider ideas that have worked elsewhere and tailor them to meet Topeka's needs.

Duffy says transportation is a central focus of any planning project in Fort Collins.