Topeka Man Recalls Seeing Beatles Perform Live

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It takes an event pretty remarkable to make a lasting impression on a four-year-old child.

For Bob Fulmer of Topeka, that event was a family trip to see the Beatles live in concert.

This weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the night the Beatles took America by storm with their performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. A few months later, Bob Fulmer says, his father purchased tickets at $4.50 each to see the Beatles in concert at what was then Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, home to the Kansas City A's baseball team.

Even as young as he was, he vividly recalls the moment they walked on stage. He says he didn't hear much beyond the first strains of the first song because all the girls in the crowd started screaming wildly. He says he remembers thinking he wished people would quiet down so he could hear the Beatles sing.

CBS will mark the anniversary of the Beatles' Ed Sullivan Show performance with a special program. The Beatles: The Night That Changed America - A Grammy Salute airs 7 pm Sunday Feb. 9 on WIBW-TV.