Topeka Man Was Present During MLK Jr Speech

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- A Topeka man was present during Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legendary speech that made American history 50 years ago.

Dr. Glenn Swogger is a retired doctor of the Center for Applied Behavioral Science at Menninger Clinic. He went to the University of Chicago and lived in New York City with his wife, Claire.

When Swogger was 28-years-old, he got a bus ride to Lincoln Memorial.

"Somehow, someone said, you want to go? And I said, 'yeah, I want I'll go!'" says Swogger.

It was August 28, 1963 when Swogger and more than 200,000 others walked in the historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

"I just wandered through the crowd. It was a gigantic crowd," says Swogger.

Swogger says Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words "flowed across the crowd so peacefully."

"It's remembered 50 years later and will be remembered a lot longer, says Swogger.