Topeka Man Charged With Murder, Possessing Pornography Sues Judge

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A Topeka man charged with killing his mother in 2011 and child pornography charges in 2012 is suing a Shawnee County District Court Judge.

Jason Hachmeister faces 111 counts of child pornography including sexual exploitation of a child.

In court Wednesday, Judge Evelyn Wilson allowed Hachmeister to drop attorney Napolean Crews and then appointed Jim Chappas to handle the case. That may mean a delay in the scheduled June 24th trial.

Meanwhile, Hachmeister has filed a handwritten civil suit against Judge Wilson.

He said she allowed a detective to present evidence in the pornography case he obtained while searching for evidence in the murder case which Hachmeister calls illegal.

In the suit, he asks for Wilson to be taken off the case and wants her to pay what he calls a minimal punitive damage of $1.

Hachmeister is accused of killing his mother Sheila on September 10, 2011 at a home they shared.

At his preliminary hearing last September, investigators said the 58-year-old woman suffered 98 wounds,15 of them stabbings to her head. The cause of death was ruled a strangulation.

His murder trial now set for September 9th before Judge Richard Anderson.