Topeka High Student Falls From Moving Band Van

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A Topeka High band student escaped serious injury when she fell out of the back of a van Tuesday while being transported from Hummer Sports Park to school.

Topeka Police confirm it happened around 8:45 Tuesday morning at 6th and Clay.

A viewer Tuesday told 13 News the van was bringing marching band students back from practice at Hummer Park when a female student fell out of the back. According to multiple accounts, a Durham school bus following the van with more band students had to swerve to avoid hitting the girl.

The student's father confirmed the report to 13 News Wednesday.

13 News was told that the van had no seats and was used primarily to transport band equipment to various functions.

USD 501 spokesperson Ron Harbaugh Tuesday told 13 News the student appeared unhurt, but was going to be checked out, just to be safe.

The injured students father commented:

"Why did Topeka High not supply adequate transportation to the band students? The football and basketball teams always have enough seats for all of the students. Why not the band? Are there other students in 501 district that are put in similar jeopardy because not enough seats are provided for transporting students to and from events?"