Topeka High Shows Movie To End Bullying

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-Bullying is a problem that affects students and staff alike.

From the recent fight at Shawnee Heights High school to gossiping and name calling, Topeka High School students say bullying is still an issue in school.

"I've been bullied through middle school, here. I hated it, I spent a lot of time in the counseling center because I couldn't be in class," said Topeka High School senior, Molly Brace.

"I was bullied a lot in high school. I had friends that would stand up for me," says Topeka High School senior, Austin McGinnis.

"I wish somebody that went by would have helped me instead of me just standing there kind of defenseless," says Brace.

And Topeka High School's personal social counselor says bullying doesn't only affect students.

"I was personally bullied, and personally a victim of bullying, and I have witnessed it as a professional, so I think most of us have been in those positions," says Topeka High School Personal Social Counselor, Greg Fallon.

Community Resources showed a movie called "The Bully," a documentary that follows the lives of 5 students who face bullying on a daily basis. Students and staff say bullying affects people of all ages and they hope this movie brings an end to it and teaches bullies a valuable lesson.

"It will let people know that people aren't just going to stand by and let it happen, which will hopefully make others want to do something about it," says Topeka High School sophomore, Ana Castellon.

"I hope if they haven't already realized that bullying is a bad thing, to be addressed that it should be," says McGinnis.

"Just because we are different doesn't mean we should be treated different," says Brace.

Parents and the group, Planting Peace, also attended the event. Anti-bullying week starts Monday.